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MIBR announces partnership with largest bank in Latin America Itaú Unibanco

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After joining the Free Fire, Fortnite, and CS:GO scenarios, Itaú Unibanco wants to change the game with MIBR. The largest bank in Latin America has just announced a partnership with the oldest esports team in Brazil.

To celebrate, the brand brings a manifesto in the voice of artist Rincon Sapiência, published on social media by Itaú Unibanco and MIBR.

The launch includes the release of the brand’s manifesto on digital channels and social media. This is the first of a series of content in different formats for the long-term partnership, as well as benefits and interactions dedicated to the fans. The partnership includes the CS:GO, CS:GO Women, CS:GO Academy and Rainbow Six: Siege. 

Itaú and MIBR team up to help impact and transform the ecosystem, giving visibility to their athletes’ stories, the passion of their fans in Brazil and around the world, these initiatives with co-created content between fans and athletes is another step in the construction of the #IssoMudaOGame (this changes the game) bank’s gaming platform.

Robson Harada, head of Growth Marketing at Itaú Unibanco, said: “Our partnership with MIBR goes far beyond pure marketing sponsorship. Being side by side with one of the icons of the segment in Brazil and in the world is a great honor and complements our platform, which now supports one of the most competitive and traditional scenarios in esports. We’re together to talk about people – athletes and fans – the passion the surrounds the entire CS ecosystem and how esports is capable of changing lives. Our manifesto is a good example of this: we co-create to translate the heart and soul of the team and we have much more to come”.

A decade ago, MIBR won Brazil’s first world title in electronic sports as a champion of the Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) 2006, becoming the first tag to change the game.

In this way, the collaboration reinforces and amplifies the transformation message that the bank proposes to make in Brazilian CS:GO establishing itself as a significant partner for the community.

Yuri “Fly” Uchiyama, director of MIBR, said: “Long before joining the board I learned to cheer, compete and dream about MIBR. I hope you all feel as represented and inspired as me by what will come.”. 

The partnership will highlight the team’s history in its current context, its players and fans and should feature more and more activations soon.

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