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Meet Jynxzi, the Most Subscribed Streamer on Twitch

An unlikely streamer has risen out of nowhere to become the most subscribed content creator on Twitch. Jynxzi is now the most subscribed Twitch streamer ahead of the likes of xQc and Kai Cenat having amassed over 76,500 subs at the time of writing.

While xQc and Kai Cenat have become household names, one cannot blame you if you have never come across Jyxzi. Many would be surprised to know that he is an active Rainbow Six Player who rarely plays anything trending. Given the fact R6 isn’t the game that pulls the most views, the streaming community was surprised to find out Jynxzi has dethroned some of the heavyweights.

Jyxzi isn’t an old streamer, having started only four years back in 2019, he has amassed a major fan following in his niche and little by little has amassed over a million followers while boasting a healthy 8.5K concurrent viewers in his live streams.

“Chat, I just… dude… I just hit number one on Twitch, bro! I… yo, this is like, I’m like, shaking, bro! Oh, my god, bro! Chat, we just hit number one on Twitch, bro. I just hit number one on Twitch, bro.”

“Chat, I’m about to tweet this right now. I’m about to tweet this s**t right the f**k now! Dude, oh my god, dude! We f**king did it, boys! Boys, we f**king did it!”

“Holy s**t! Yo, that is f**king nuts. Oh, my god! This guy said, ‘Of course, I missed it.’ Bro, it kind of just happened! Yo, what the f**k, dude! Chat, I can’t even, like… bro. ‘Deserved.’ Thank you, bro! Bro, this has been… chat, this has been a grind.”

There is no one but him who deserves all the praise for this meteoric rise. No drama, and no subathons. His growth is purely the result of 4 years of rigorous hard work and relentless grind. Even though it might be difficult to hold this position, there is nothing that can take away this moment of glory from Jynxzi.

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