Entity faced Lucid Dream in a Best of Three Series for the IEM Sydney 2019 Southeast Asia Closed Qualifier. The maps for the BO3 were Nuke, Mirage and Cache. The map vetoes are as follows.  

  • Lucid Dream removed Inferno
  • Entity removed Overpass
  • Lucid Dream picked Nuke
  • Entity picked Mirage
  • Lucid Dream removed Dust2
  • Entity removed Train
  • Cache was left over

Entity started the game on the CT side of Nuke, which was picked by Lucid Dream. The Indian side lost the pistol round and the following anti eco. Using this momentum, Lucid Dream propelled themselves to a scoreline of 4-0 before Entity pulled back two of their own.

The T-side domination from Lucid Dream did not stop and only let Entity end the half with only three rounds on board, at a scoreline of 12-3. Lucid Dream wanted to end the first map quite early by picking up the pistol and the following anti eco round.

Entity did not let Lucid Dream crush their dreams of a comeback and picked up the first buy round of the second half and the next hard eco from Lucid Dreams. Lucid Dreams forced into the next round, putting them onto map point. Lucid Dream put the final nail in the coffin, ending the map 16-5 on the back of a quick triple kill from Geniuss.

The second map, was Mirage which was picked by Entity saw them begin on the T side. The team from Thailand looked comfortable on the CT-side, coming out on top in the pistol round with a successful retake. The force buy gamble from the Indians failed,allowing Lucid Dream to put another round on board.

Lucid Dreams dominated the Indians on the CT-side, not allowing them to put a single round on the board till the 14th round, where the Indians were finally able to pick up one round, the only one of the first half. Lucid Dream completely dominated Entity, taking the first half in their favor with a scoreline of 14-1. Lucid Dreams looked to end the game quickly by picking up the first pistol round of the second half and finished the game with a smooth victory in the force buy from Entity which did not benefit the Indians. The last map ended with a scoreline of 16-1.

However, Entity have not been eliminated from the Closed Qualifiers. They still have a chance to make it to IEM Sydney from the Lower Brackets.