Owners of TSM & Team Liquid bet $100K on LCS Finals

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The two high-profile owners in League of Legends are at it again. TSM owner, Any “Reginald” Dinh, and Team Liquid owner, Steve Arhancet, have taken a friendly jibe into a $100K bet battle.

Reportedly both the owners were attacking each other on Twitter with witty comments. Following which they met face-to-face on tonight’s Hotline League (hosted by Travis Gafford on Twitch), the two have decided to put their money where their mouths are. $100,000 of that money, to be exact.

Steve laid it down:

Andy, here’s the thing. If you have all this confidence, why don’t you just put your money where your mouth is, alright? I’m 100% serious. My personal money. $100,000 on tomorrow’s match. Seriously, no fucking joke.

And Reginald didn’t hesitate.

Done. We’re gonna stomp you tomorrow.

And then they shook hands.

We’ll see who comes out on top tomorrow. Catch the action at 4:00 PM EDT on the LoL Esports website.

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