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LoL Stattik Shiv Bug: Forbidden Item in LCK

It has been a few weeks since the League of Legends 13.10 update brought back the fan-favorite item Statikk Shiv to the MOBA. However, the item’s return was accompanied by some game-breaking bugs that have been disrupting games over the past few weeks.

The ‘Stattik Shiv bug’ in League of Legends enabled players to interact with friendly minions, which should never be possible under any condition in the game. 

This bug was highlighted during the recent League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) 2023 Summer Split game between KT Rolster and GEN.G on 9th June. The game was paused and Stattik Shiv was revealed to be a ‘forbidden item’ in the broadcast.

During the game, KT Rolster’s ADC,  Kim “Aiming” Ha-ram, was seen buying Stattik Shiv in two of the BO3 series, following which the game was paused, and the following message was showcased in the broadcast: “KT Aiming bought a forbidden item.”

It was later revealed that Aiming had purchased Statikk Shiv despite Riot Games Korea’s rule book explicitly stating that the item could not be purchased due to a known bug. 

Following the pause, Aiming was required to sell the Statikk Shiv item, resulting in a loss of 900 gold for him.

What is the Stattik Shiv Bug in League of Legends?

Former Fnatic coach Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi explained on Twitter that Stattik Shiv can kill allied minions to generate gold. He further said, “Pro teams get a full list of known bugs on patches ahead of matches – Not sure why they did not or could not disable it from the shop.”

A Tweet by Nick “LS” De Cesare led many fans to question the referee’s decision. Statikk 

“The item doesn’t cause the bug since the bug apparently only happens w/ Renata in the game, this should be brought up,” the Tweet reads. “Ridiculous ruling imo. Just fine Aiming but dont alter game IMO.”

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