Controversies are uninvited and one such struct Mercedes Benz in China over an Instapost. The German car manufacturer was the prime broadcasting sponsor for League of Legends Pro League in China.

The company’s logo was seen featured on the LPL website alongside Intel & HP. The controversy, however, began when the Mercedes-Benz published an Instagram story featuring Dalai Lama, who has been labeled as a fugitive element by the Chinese.

Merc-Benz, ever since the controversy ignited has removed the post and have issued an apologetic statement“We will promptly take steps to deepen our understanding of Chinese culture and values, our international staff included, to help standardize our actions to ensure this sort of issue doesn’t happen again.”

Not the first time a western brand apologized to China

Either way, it looks like LPL took immediate action and removed Mercedes-Benz’ logo both from its website’s front-page and from the Shanghai Electric Industrial Park studio in Shanghai, were the Spring Split takes place. A few weeks earlier, Marriott hotels had their website taken down in China, for including Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau in the countries of operations list.

Just last month, Delta Airlines and Zara had to issue similar apologies after being reprimanded by authorities for listing Taiwan and Tibet, on both of which China claims sovereignty, as countries on their web pages.

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