LCK host Mina moved out of broadcast due to concerns over coronavirus

Korean League of Legends host Mina was quarantined out of today’s broadcast of LCK matches due to coronavirus concerns as she was reported to have a fever.

LCK English caster Max “Atlus,” Anderson said Mina was taken away as she had a bit of fever which meant there is a chance that Mina has coronavirus. He also added, “We are taking as many precautions as possible, so it’s likely that she’s actually fine. But all the teams that have come in contact with her, especially today, have been notified and as soon as we find out more, we’re going to make sure that we let everyone know as well.”

“For now, we’re just going to be as careful as possible, and that means all of us as well like, after this, we’re going to take ourselves home and make sure that we do not go out into the world and it’s going to be masks on.” said Max “Atlus,” Anderson.

Coronavirus is declared as a global threat by the World Health Organization(WHO) and since 23, February 2020, there have been 602 people affected by the Coronavirus in Korea.

The coronavirus is having a huge impact on gaming, it’ll be years before we know just how many ways it has affected the industry.