Lil Nas X and Corpse Husband teases possible collab for Montero remix

corpse husband times square

Corpse Husband dominated YouTube streaming for the better part of 2020, and he is not taking his foot off the gas anytime soon. After a successful collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Nas X has teased a possible collaboration with Corpse for Montero remix.

Montero is trending all over the internet right now, which is normal given how the song blew up on TikTok. The idea of Corpse collaborating with the American rapper got fans swiftly interested in it. Corpse Husband was mentioned by Lil Nas X in a Tweet that has racked over 50K likes, quite promising for a teaser.

Corpse Husband has replied positively to Lil Nas, making it safe to assume that a remix for the massively popular song is on its way. Given Corpse’s previous collab with MGK, it’s only natural for him to try getting features in songs of other popular artists.

YouTubers are no longer the online video makers that they used to be at the beginning of the last decade, rather the platform has matured into arguably the biggest media distribution platform out there. Thanks to this increase in popularity, YouTubers are getting accepted as celebrities by the mainstream media for which such collaborations are coming into fruition.

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