Lil Bro Cup Valorant: All You Need To Know

lil bro cup valorant

YouTube star Ludwig and Valorant content creator Tarik have teamed up once again to organize the ‘Lil Bro Cup’ tournament featuring 20 Valorant stars.

The tournament was announced by Sentinels in a Tweet on November 30th, and the event will be hosted by the duo of Tarik and Ludwig. 

Valorant Lil Bro Cup Details

The Lil Bro Cup will take place on 4th December at 3 pm PT. While we don’t have the list of names of the players who will be participating in the tournament, it has been confirmed that all the players will be Valorant pros or prominent content creators.

Finer details like the prize pool of the event haven’t been revealed at the time of writing. The tournament will be organized in partnership with GrubHub.

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Where To Watch Valorant Lil Bro Cup?

Fans can tune into Tarik’s Twitch channel to catch all the games of the tournament live. Tournament participants are also expected to stream their matches on their respective channels.

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