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Legendary Happy Deagle Ace named best CSGO play of the decade

As the decade came into a conclusion, Valve organized a poll on Twitter asking the fans to chose the best CSGO play made in the past decade. Among the many flashes of individual brilliance, Vincent “Happy” Schopenhauer’s ace with a Desert Eagle on Inferno came out on the top.

CSGO Twitter put out a tweet which asked the fans about their opinion of the best play made in the past decade. From an extensive list of ground breaking plays, four rounds were separated to put together the final poll. Players who managed to make it to the list were Happy for his deagle ace against TSM, Stewie for his AWP play against FaZe Clan, Olofmeister for his infamous Olofboost against LDLC and Coldzera’s jumping AWP against Luminosity.

As the voting came to a conclusion, Happy edged out all other unforgettable plays that took place in the past decade. Happy took 36% of the total votes, while Olof came second with 26% followed by Cold with 21% and finally Stew with 17%.

Happy is a deserved winner. When he was left to hold the B bombsite against a scrappy buy of TSM in DreamHack Open London 2015, along with a teammate and a deagle in his hand, he managed to do it all single handedly. Holding towards Banana from CT, he popped cajunb’s head off as he came around the cornor and his teammate smoked off TSM to buy some time. Happy did not respect the smoke and kept on firing his degale untill two shots caught dev1ce and xyp9x and followed it up by catching dupreeh creeping in from the left and put the final nail in the coffin as he landed another headshot onto karrigan with the same weapon through the smoke as well. It is incredible to think that he managed to bring down three players without actually seeing them on his monitor.

The veteran is now competing with LDLC in the french scene itself and has fallen off his prime. His last championship glory came in 2016 with Envy at WESG 2016 World Finals.


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