Legal Radar hack For CSGO Is Here

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The vast majority of players in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive look down their noses in contempt at maphacks, but a new tool will provide all players with an advantage comparable to maphacks without constituting cheating in the traditional sense. is working on a new resource for players of CS:GO that has the potential to offer a major competitive edge. The name of the new paid product is Prematch, and it will search opponent accounts to automatically analyze replays and identify where on the map opposing players are most likely to be playing.

Prematch is a paid program. Because of this, players who use the program would have a significant advantage over opponents who were unaware of it. Does the use of a program like this enhance the skill ceiling for CSGO, or does it merely function as a legal maphack? is a firm that tracks and analyzes CS:GO statistics. This new idea has the potential to be the most straightforward way we’ve seen so far for increasing your win rate. Prematch uses public information to determine your enemies’ average push timing, movement patterns and favored CT locations. In addition to this, Prematch is already accessible to be played on The annual fee for the subscription service is $75.90, while the monthly rate is $7.99. Prematch makes predictions on the locations of enemy CT players in CSGO.

The information that is accessible through Prematch has the potential to be of great value; however, should service of this nature even be allowed in CS:GO?

Prematch CSGO

The Prematch tool in FACEIT automatically analyses the replays of the adversary players at the beginning of each FACEIT game to gain an understanding of how those players play. The information that stands out the most is their favorite starting positions on CT, which the system is able to determine for each individual map.

Players will be able to rush sites with considerably greater consistency if they discover the locations of enemies during pistol rounds. Additionally, it will record when they like to push, as well as the kinds of weapons and armor they like to purchase.

Because the FACEIT match data is available for free download by anyone, every piece of information is completely accessible to the public. In principle, a player may acquire this knowledge without ever having to make use of Prematch. But five matches with five players at an hour each would take several hours to examine, demanding dedication.

It is important to note that tools very similar to these can be found in other Valve games. The Stratz+ add-on for Dota 2 enables players to quickly gain insight into the playing styles of their opponents with only the press of a button. Valve has made past attempts to prevent the use of similar tools, but programmers have frequently been able to stay one step ahead of the company.

Is Prematch Maphack For CSGO Legit?

Is it true that Prematch is a legitimate maphack for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? product manager Alexander Isaev issued an official statement arguing that it is ultimately better for the health of the game. Isaev claims that it is ultimately better for the health of the game.

“With the help of Prematch, players understand the game better, adapt to enemy play styles, choose appropriate grenade throws, crosshair positioning, and overall round tactics,” Isaev said.

From’s point of view, this enables players of CS:GO to improve their skills and get closer to the level experienced by professionals. There aren’t many people who have the time to assess FACEIT games’ matches, but there’s technically nothing barring them from doing so. Players that choose not to use matchmaking software like Prematch may find themselves at a substantial competitive disadvantage as the popularity of such programs continues to rise.