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Gamergirl Lea May banned from Twitch after flashing explicit content

A gamer girl who live streams herself playing video games has been banned, after being accused of flashing her vagina to her fans. Lea May banned from Twitch for the next 30 days.

Lea May, 26, – who goes by username LegendaryLea – uses Twitch to share her gameplay footage online.

Lea May was playing Dark Souls as a large number of fans viewed on by means of her Twitch channel. However, May, who passes by the username LegendaryLea on the web, drummed up some excitement when she stood up from her couch. To some viewing at the time, it created the impression that she had uncovered herself. The star, from San Diego, California, was then immediately banned from the streaming service administration.

Lea May banned from Twitch



Despite her explanation, May has still been banned from Twitch, with the ban set to last for 30 days.And some fans have even accused her of staging the incident for attention.

However there are also some coming for the rescue of the alleged banned streamer.

The ban is on for the next 30 days even though she claimed that the alleged accusation of staging the whole drama was false. Twitch is very strict with it’s viewership policies for streamers to show content which are only available for general crowd, pornography and violent streaming is barred from being sent on air. Lea May may as well deny the staging but anyway, she has to wait for the next 30 days to re-start her stream!

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