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Kronten Allegedly Called S8UL’s MortaL a “Dead Player”, Clarifies Later

Controversies and rivalries are not uncommon in the gaming and esports community. Two organizations that have been competitive in the Indian gaming and esports scene are S8UL Esports and GodLike Esports. However, a recent heated exchange of words between Chetan “Kronten” Chandgude, CEO of GodLike Esports, and S8UL Esports has stirred up quite a storm in the community.

The controversy revolves around Kronten’s alleged comments on S8UL Esports and S8UL Esports co-owner Naman “MortaL” Mathur, perceived by many as disrespectful. This situation has resulted in strong reactions from S8UL Esports and its dedicated fan base.

The Beginning of S8UL Esports vs GodLike Esports Recent Controversy

Members of S8UL Esports and a few other organizations humourously trolled GodLike Esports for building such a hype about its roster change and then annoucing the same roster. Addressing these trolls, Kronten allegedly used derogatory terms against both S8UL Esports and Team SouL. The main controversy began when Kronten made a metaphorical reference to a “dead player” during one of his live streams. While he did not mention any names, the gaming community, including fans of S8UL Esports, speculated that this remark was directed at MortaL.

S8UL Esports’ Response To Kronten

In response to Kronten’s comments, members of S8UL Esports and its fan base expressed their frustration and disappointment. Given MortaL’s significant influence and history in the esports industry, many felt that he deserved more respect. Various individuals from the S8UL organization voiced their concerns, creating a unified front against what they perceived as disrespect towards their player.

Kronten’s Clarifies His Statements and Apologizes to MortaL

In an attempt to address the mounting backlash from the gaming community, Kronten took to his livestream to clarify the ongoing situation. He revealed that his comments, including the term “dead player,” were not directed at MortaL alone but were intended for a broader audience. Kronten added he used this phrase in jest towards numerous individuals, except for a couple of friends within the organization. He expressed his belief that if anyone had taken offense, they should have reached out to him directly, and he would have readily issued an apology.

Kronten revealed that he had already reached out to MortaL to apologize and attempted to make amends with Scout, a prominent member of S8UL Esports. Scout and Kronten reportedly have a history of friendly banter and communication. However, Kronten also stressed that banter is common, and it should be taken in stride by all parties.

He reiterated his willingness to apologize to MortaL and others if they were genuinely hurt by his comments. 

Goldy Bhai’s Final Response to the Controversy

S8UL Esports’ co-owner Goldy Bha voiced his final stance on the matter. He firmly stated that a line had been drawn, and relations would not be rebuilt. Goldy Bhai urged Kronten not to mention or talk about S8UL Esports. He emphasized that they had no intention of mentioning GodLike Esports’ name either. Despite tensions, Goldy Bhai highlighted that S8UL Esports maintained a respectful silence even after GodLike Esports’ elimination from BGIS 2023.

MortaL’s Response to the Controversy

Despite the controversy, MortaL chose to address the situation in a calm and composed manner. MortaL went live on his YouTube channel with the title “Your Dead Player is Back,” taunting with the term used for him. During this stream, he thanked his fans for their support and chose not to escalate the matter. MortaL’s response demonstrated maturity and a desire to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

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