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Krafton Disqualifies 155 Teams From BGIS 2023 For Breaching Rules

After a lot of complaints from the community, Krafton India Esports has taken stringent actions against multiple teams participating in Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023 (BGIS) ahead of Round 2. The organizer has disqualified a total of 155 teams from the tournament just one day before Round 2. The reason behind these disqualifications lies in the violation of the BGIS Rulebook, specifically Sections 6.2.4 and 4.1, along with the BGIS Code of Conduct.

Why Did Krafton Disqualify 155 Teams From BGIS 2023?

As mentioned above, the teams were disqualified for breaching the BGIS Rulebook sections 6.2.4 and 4.1.

BGIS Rulebook Section 6.2.4 explicitly prohibits “Ringing”. This term refers to the act of playing under another player’s account or Gamertag or inducing someone else to do so. Such actions not only compromise the integrity of the competition but also create an uneven playing field.

Furthermore, BGIS 2023 Rulebook Section 4.1 of the BGIS Rulebook deals with “Player Equipment”. It unequivocally states that players are allowed to participate in tournaments or official competitions only on mobile phones or approved handheld devices. Additionally, it strictly prohibits any usage of peripheral devices without explicit approval from Tournament Officials. This includes tablets, adapters, controllers, Bluetooth keyboards, and mice. It also prohibits players from using emulators to play on a PC or any other non-handheld device.

Imapct of Disqualification Wave

BGIS 2023 Round 2 was set to take place between a total of 512 teams. However, following the disqualification of these 155 teams, 357 teams will appear in this round. It’s worth mentioning that Krafton India Esports had previously disqualified Stalwart Esports for breaching Section 2.1.5 (Single Team Exclusivity) and Section 6.2.4 (Ringing) of the BGIS Rulebook during The Grind stage.

This disqualification serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to the rules set forth by TOs. The rules governing fair play, equipment usage, and player conduct exist to create a level playing field and ensure the integrity of the competition.

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