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Fortnite Banning Players Who Use the Kinetic Blade Exploit

Fortnite players are now facing severe consequences for exploiting a rare glitch that enables them to freeze time using the Kinetic Blade katana. Following the discovery of this “game-breaking” exploit, unsuspecting competitive players were abruptly eliminated, unable to defend themselves. FNBRIntel, a renowned Fortnite leaker, took to Twitter on May 21 to shed light on the matter.

Understanding the Kinetic Blade Exploit in Fortnite

To activate the Kinetic Blade exploit, players had to meticulously execute a series of precise actions. Firstly, they needed to position themselves openly and identify a nearby target. Subsequently, they would disconnect their Wi-Fi, swiftly approach the target, and utilize the slicing feature repeatedly until dealing an estimated 200 damage.

Finally, players would reconnect their Wi-Fi, and the exploit would take effect, instantly teleporting them back while granting them the kill, as described by FNBRIntel.

While the exploiters devoted their efforts to flawlessly executing each step, their unsuspecting victims were completely unaware of the impending danger. They continued to play the game normally until an abrupt, unexplained demise occurred—an unsettling experience for those affected.

Fortnite developers introduced the kinetic blade as a recent addition to the game during the Chapter 4 Season 2 update earlier this spring. Recognizing its potential for misuse, Epic Games took swift action to address the issue. In tournament playlists, the kinetic blade was temporarily disabled, ensuring fair gameplay.

Moreover, Epic Games responded to the exploit’s discovery by promptly issuing temporary bans to players who utilized the glitch outside of tournament mode within 24 hours.

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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