Riot has decided to temporarily remove Killjoy from the agent pool as the infamous turret bug that allowed her to place turrets under the map has returned.

You might have heard about Killjoy’s newest ability – placing turrets under the map. Believe it or not, this update was not intended. We’ll be disabling Killjoy until we can patch this exploit.

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Killjoy Valorant

Riot has confirmed in a tweet that the turret bug wasn’t intended by the developers who are working to patch it out at the earliest. The German agent will be disabled from the competitive shooter till the exploit is patched.

For the unaware, the bug allowed players to glitch the Killjoy turret and place them outside the map by standing on specific areas of maps. The turret would then shoot towards enemies who would otherwise be outside its line of sight, revealing them and dealing damage.

While no specific date has been given by Riot about when Killjoy will return to the agent pool, fans are hoping for her to come back before December 3rd when the main event of the highly anticipated Valorant First Strike begins. In case she doesn’t make a return before then, the participating teams will have to formulate new strategies to fill the gap.