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Kick shadowbans streamer for “sexually suggestive” content

Kick recently updated the guidelines to prevent another overflow of “hot tub” streams on their platform, as with Twitch. The latest policies aim to set clear boundaries as to what counts as suggestive content so creators can stay away from sexualizing their streams which defeats the intended purpose of the streaming site.

Having guidelines that clearly set boundaries will help content creators on Kick stay clear of any penalties and unlike Twitch, it will not be flooded with suggestive content with everyone using it to promote their OnlyFans. The majority sees this as a positive change while many argue that Kick might have been too over the top when setting the rules.

A few days after the new rules were enforced, we have the first person to have violated it. Streamer PattayaLife went live on October 12 and the background seemed like a brothel which clearly violated the Kick guidelines as a result the channel was hit with a shadowban for an hour during which their channel was hidden from the masses.

“Kick is no longer able to support sexually suggestive content due to requirements set forth by Google Play & Apple app store,” the official KickTeam account shared. As a result of these new guidelines, this streamer had their channel ‘temporarily hidden’ “for 1 hour.”

As soon as the creators were informed about the ban, the stream was completely taken off from the Kick homepage. Kick has done their best to get rid of everything including clips and VODs and no trace of the stream remains. The community has taken this as a positive sign especially when Twitch was slow to react.

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