Kai Cenat accused of stealing campaign ideas by xQc

Popular streamer xQc has accused fellow streamer Kai Cenat of stealing his camping stream idea. This blog post delves into the details of the accusations, the reactions from the community, and the broader implications for content creators in the streaming industry.

During xQc’s live stream on May 28th, the 27 years old was browsing through LivestreamFails when he came across a post made by a user who accused Kai Cenat of scamming, claiming that Kai had taken their stream ideas without compensation.

While trying to restrain himself, xQc couldn’t help but express his own frustrations and accused Kai of stealing his own ideas as well. Breaking his silence, he addressed his chat by stating “I go to Kai’s Twitter, he does this Rumble stream, Rumble show right?” I click on it, first episode what is it? It was my camping idea that I had done for his subathon on the day that I called them on stream.”

“Alright, you know what, I’m going to come out of the woodwork and say it chat. I’ve been holding onto this chat I’m going to f**king say it, here comes the drama chat,” he said.

“What the f**k? Where is my cut? It was my idea where’s my cut, where is it? Did you see it? It was a one-to-one my idea.” he added.

xQc is no stranger to drama and taking on Kai Cenat at the time his popularity is on the rise can backfire. However, Kai has not responded yet and only time can tell how he views xQc’s claims.

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