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Jason Voorhees in Fortnite? Rumors, Leaks & What We Know

Recent buzz suggests that the iconic horror figure Jason Voorhees may be slated to join the virtual world of Fortnite during its Fortnitemares 2024 event. This speculation was inadvertently sparked by a premature announcement on Good Day New York, where it was mentioned that Jason Voorhees would be included in Fortnite, although this has not been officially confirmed by Epic Games.

The confusion may have arisen during the announcement of Jason’s addition to MultiVersus, leading to the mix-up that he would also appear in Fortnite. The gaming community is abuzz with the possibility, especially considering that other notorious characters from horror lore, such as Myers from Halloween and extraterrestrial entities, have already made their way into Fortnite’s expansive universe.

Evidence hinting at a potential collaboration includes the social media account JasonUniverse13, known for updates on the Friday the 13th franchise, following Fortnite on Twitter. This connection is noteworthy as the account also follows MultiVersus, where Jason Voorhees is a confirmed character. A similar pattern was observed with the band Metallica, which followed Fortnite shortly before their feature in the game, suggesting a pattern of social media follows preceding official collaborations.

As anticipation builds, players are on the lookout for leaks and confirmations, which are expected to surface as Chapter 5 Season 3 draws to a close. Additionally, rumors suggest that Doctor Victor Von Doom might also join the Fortnitemares 2024 lineup, further exciting fans of the franchise.

In summary, while the inclusion of Jason Voorhees in Fortnitemares 2024 remains unconfirmed, the clues and community speculation paint a compelling picture of what could be an exciting addition to Fortnite’s roster of characters. As with all rumors, it’s advised to take this information with caution until an official announcement is made.

For now, the idea of Jason Voorhees terrorizing the virtual landscapes of Fortnite remains a tantalizing possibility for fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter of Fortnitemares.

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