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JackSepticEye tests positive for COVID; fears others may have it too

Popular YouTuber Sean McLoughlin popular known as JackSepticEye is tested positive for the coronavirus on his last day in Los Angeles.

Jack found himself in Los Angeles attending the Game Awards, where he was tested positive. The event was attended by several personalities which had speculations running that others may have contracted it unknowingly.

None of the streamers/YouTubers he met there has announced testing positive for COVID and so has his partner Gab Smolders. Thankmas segment that he shot with OfflineTV personalities Disguised Toast, Michael Reeves, and LilyPichu, may have exposed them to the virus but none of them has announced anything as of late.

Besides the OTV personalities, Jack may have spent time with other attendees of the Game Awards who are also at risk but is yet to announce their test results. To conclude, no one besides Jack has been tested positive, and the situation looks to be under control.

The Game Awards was held in LA despite the threat of the new omicron variant, several media outlets have deemed it harmful and along with the Delta variant. The threat still looms over our heads and organizers must be more careful than this before going through with events that may have consequences in the future.
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