Is Soul Goblin retiring from competitive BGMI events?


BGMI has been one of the biggest mobile gaming esports that has led to the rise of various big talents throughout the region. One of them is Harsh Paudwal aka Soul Goblin from Team Soul. Goblin has seen his rise from semi-pro player to pro player in a short span after being associated with Team Soul.

While the players were looking to become the leading professional player in the BGMI esports. On July 28, 2022, the Indian Government banned the game by taking it down from Google Play Store and App Store. Thus, once again putting the dreams of many players on hold.

Since the ban, there have been no tournaments featuring the game. Adding to it, Soul Goblin announced his temporary retirement from the BGMI competitive events. In one of his recent live streams, he talked about his present situation in the game.

He said, “I am leaving competitive for now. Will come back once the game will be back. It is a temporary retirement.”

The retirement announcement was a hoax

After his statement on the retirement, Goblin once again came back to clear the air on the issue. He said, “The news spreading on my retirement is not true. It was just a prank. I just said that I will be retiring and be back once the game will be available to play. Don’t take it the wrong way. I am not leaving competitive.”