Is Sigma working? Sigma Free Fire Server Status

sigma free fire

As Sigma grows in popularity, Free Fire players keep asking for a sheared version. Most of them even thought of Sigma as a lighter version of Free Fire.

Of course, Garena has its own problems with the Indian government. As of right now, there hasn’t been any sort of release in quite some time.

Sigma Battle Royale, which focuses on low-end devices, has become one of the most popular BR games in recent times. One of the game’s defining characteristics is that its features are nearly comparable to those of Garena Free Fire and Free Fire MAX.

After breaking Google’s policy, the title was taken down within 48 hours. It was formerly hosted on a number of different websites, but the developers have since shut them down.

Just a few days ago, Sigma Battle Royale became available in early access. The game was a hit from the start, with over a hundred thousand copies purchased in the first few hours after release.

The euphoria was short-lived as Google banned the title for violating the Google Developers Program. The game’s APK files were still accessible for a few more days, however, a notice was finally dropped for the users.

The early access BR game was accused of mimicking FF and FF MAX’s in-game features, violating Google’s Developer Program Policy. The game’s APK was still downloadable from several sources despite the shutdown of the game’s servers by the developers.

While this was going on, the developers had to foreseeably turn off the servers. The server has disclosed, and we thank you for participating in the test, read the notice from the maintenance window. “We hope to have the opportunity to host you again in the near future,” they concluded. 

Even though the game servers have been taken offline at this time, several websites continue to offer access to Sigma’s APK for its visitors. Avoid Sigma (or Sigma Battle Royale) APK links since the app may not work after installation. Getting such APKs might even lead to falling under a phishing net. 

For Android users with fewer features packed, you can try out ScarFall – The Royale Combat, Hero Hunters, or MaskGun.

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