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Indian students replicate college campus in Minecraft

There are no limitations to ‘Make in India’; so it seems as students at the Ashoka University in India did their own version of the ‘replicating campus on Minecraft server’ theme following the footsteps of renowned world universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of California, Berkeley.

With the ongoing pandemic and the lockdown that has ensued, the entire curriculum has been shifted to an online education system. Although this is a relief to the students, they might also be missing the campus environment.

These eight students from the Ashoka University decided to provide just a bit of nostalgia to their fellow counterparts by building the campus block-by-block on Minecraft.

Aishwarya Das, a Physics student at Ashoka said,”Our aim was to recreate the life we had on campus on a virtual server.”

Das also clarified that the server could hold upto 700 people at one time and would only be open to current and alumni members of the Ashoka University.

Das also highlighted the labour that went into replicating the campus on the Minecraft server, stating that the students started the project Mid-May and spent around six hours every day.

Atishay Khanna, a batchmate of Das, was the original proponent of the idea and he explained the entire process that was carried out by the group to complete this project.

Atishay said,”First we built the campus building, block by block. And then we built the experiences from our memories of the college. We used the discord servers to coordinate between ourselves and divided responsibilities – someone builds the admin block, someone looks at the auditorium etc.”

This really shows how lockdown can aid you in pushing the boundaries of your abilities; be it for work, education, play or in this case, a bit of everything.

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