The gaming community uniting together for something is a rare yet beautiful sight, and the Indian CSGO community has set an example of what the community can accomplish if they come together. This event will make its mark in Counter-Strike history, as the story of the man who brought the community together even after his death.

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The tragic news hit the Indian CSGO scene on the day of May 27th. Sahil “EcheloN-” Doultani, a highly skilled CS player, had passed away after fighting a chronic disease for two years. The saddening news spread through the community like wildfire through a series of posts across social media. The Indian CSGO community grieved at his untimely death and sent their condolences to his parents.

One of his friends detailed how humble the man was by sharing a short encounter between the two.

The Steam profile of the player who passed away was also filled with comments mourning on his loss. Gamers sent him their respects and wished for him to be in a better place.

While it’s impossible to bring a lost life back, the least that the community could do was to make sure that his death would be remembered for years to come. A member of the group ‘CSGO India Community’ went ahead and declared that he’d organize a tournament in the memory of “EcheloN-“.

The fact that Archit Singh had no previous acquaintance with Sahil Doultani didn’t stop him from taking up this task. Furthermore, the tournament will not have an entry fee or a prize pool, since the sole purpose of the tournament is to pay respects to the fellow player who passed away.

“While conveying my condolences to his family, I shared with them that the whole community will mourn and that they’re not alone in their time of sorrow,” Archit mentioned in his post. “And in his memory, I wanted to host a friendly tournament where we can come together and bid our friend a final goodbye, doing what he loved and what we do best.” 

He also mentioned that the matches will be livestreamed by him on discord and anyone is welcome to join and watch. The tournament will have a “0 tolerance” policy against any form of toxicity.

The tournament will be hosted on 6th June and registrations can be done beforehand on here.