Immortals win DreamHack Summer 2016

Immortals beat Ninjas In Pyjamas to win DreamHack Summer 2016 by beating them twice in a best-of-three matchup, 16-10 on cache and 16-13 on mirage leaving a map unplayed!

Another spectacular event, and another major upset. CounterStrike surely is a very versatile game, time and again it has been proven by teams from all the regions that nothing can be predicted, even when Brazilian team is playing one of the world’s top teams, the results can’t be predicted. After Luminosity, Immortals (another Brazilian team) made their way to the top and beat the team which is from what is basically called as the eSports nation of the country, Sweden.


Felps who carried his team all the way to win the title of DreamHack Summer 2016 champions, completely outplayed the Ninjas in his own fashion. Immortals played the game in such a standard way with individuals stepping up to showcase their gameplays and skills against some of the top players in the world.  NiP were unable to resist the aggression put by the Immortals side, and it definitely proved wrong about prejudicing an organisation by comparing their opponents. Immortals did exactly the same which Luminosity did earlier this year.