IEM Sydney day two recap

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The second day of the tournament saw 4 more teams being eliminated from the tournament and other teams being demoted to the lower bracket to still have a shot at the 250,000$ prize pool and being crowned champions at the event in Australia.

Second Round:

Group A:

Lower Bracket:

In the lower bracket, Renegades were eliminated from the tournament after losing 2-0 to mousesports following scorelines of 16-12 on Train and 16-7 on Inferno.

In the last game of the lower bracket, BIG knocked out MVP PK in an affair that went to all three maps. BIG took the first map, Inferno, with a scoreline of 16-7. The Germans conceded the second map with a scoreline of 8-16. The Germans denied a reverse sweep and took the last map with a scoreline of 16-5. Therefore ending MVP PK’s tournament run.

Group B:

Upper Bracket:

NRG kicked off the series against FaZe Clan who were still playing with their coach, YNK. NRG clean swept FaZe off their feet with a 2-0 series victory. The North American Side took Train with a scoreline of 16-11 and Mirage with a scoreline of 16-12. FaZe will play Grayhound to decide their fate in the tournament

In the last game of the lower bracket, MIBR locked horns with Fnatic. MIBR thrashed the Swedish heavyweights with a scoreline of 16-4 after a perfect half of 15 rounds in a row. The Brazilian domination continued on Overpass. The Brazilians took Overpass with ease, the score being 16-9. This demoted the Swedes to the lower bracket

Lower Bracket:

The first game saw Chiefs take on ViCi in a BO3 elimination series. The first map played was Dust 2 where Chiefs managed to edge out ViCi with a scoreline of 16-14. The second map was Inferno where ViCi struck back and dominated Chiefs, taking the map in their favour with a scoreline of 16-5. The series was taken to Nuke to decide which team would be eliminated from the tournament. Chiefs came out on top with a 16-10 win and eliminated ViCi from the tournament.

The second game was played between Grayhound and Heroic. Grayhound were able to take Inferno in their favor after dominating Heroic in overtime, which a scoreline of 19-15. However, Heroic were still fighting tooth and nail to continue their journey in this tournament and thrashed Grayhound on Mirage with a scoreline of 16-5. The last map played was Overpass where Grayhound were able to pull a comeback from a 10-5 half to end the game at 16-11, eliminating Heroic from the tournament.  

Upcoming Matches:


The Championship:

The Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Sydney 2019, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) tournament, kicked off on April 29 and will take place until May 5 in Sydney, Australia. There are 16 teams in the dispute and a total prize pool of $250,000.

Photo: HLTV

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