IEM Rio CSGO Major Legends Stage Final Day Recap and Results

The final day of the Legends stage of IEM Rio 2022 CSGO Major has concluded, and we now have all eight teams that have qualified for the prestigious Champions stage of the tournament.

Last day, we saw Heroic, Outsiders, and Fnatic proceeding to the playoffs as Vitality, Bad News Eagles, and Sprout found themselves being eliminated from the event.

The action continued today as the six remaining teams – MOUZ, ENCE, BIG, NaVi, Liquid, and Spirit – aimed for a spot at the Champions stage. At the start of the day, each of these teams was a part of the 2-2 pool, having won two games and lost two games during the Legends stage of the event.

Photo via HLTV

To open the final day, Mouz took down ENCE in a best of 3, a match that began with a dominant victory on Ancient, a map where ENCE historically struggled but a response came quickly on the following map Nuke. After a 16-5 loss in ancient, ENCE bounced back with a 16-7 scoreline on Nuke. The final map of the series saw ENCE get off to a good start but Mouz quickly found their footing and come back to win Mirage 16-9.

NAVI took on BIG, in the second game of the day with no surprises. Even though NAVI were looking a bit shaky, that wasn’t enough for BIG to make it to the next stage. 16-11 on Mirage and 16-12 on Dust 2 as NAVI made quick work of BIG and made it to the playoffs. 

 With only one spot left in the playoffs, Liquid took on Spirit, and although the North Americans got off to a good start, Spirit found their footing on the CT side of Vertigo and off the back of solid performances from the likes of w0nderful and magixx, Team Spirit took home their map pick. 

IEM Rio 2022 Major Legends Stage Day 4 Results

Here are all the matches that took place in the Rio majors today:

  • MOUZ vs ENCE – 2 – 1
  • BIG vs NaVi –  2 – 0
  • Liquid vs Spirit – TBD
Photo via HLTV.

Christopher ‘dexter’ Nong is not exactly known for his fragging ability but in the second map against ENCE, having dropped 31 frags and posted a 1.75, he alone was the reason Mouz comfortably made it to the playoffs. 

That’s everything you need to know about today’s games in the IEM Rio CSGO Major. Fans can tune into the event by checking the ESL livestream on Twitch.

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