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IEM Rio 2022 CSGO Major Semifinals: Results

The semifinals of the IEM Rio 2022 CSGO Major have come to a conclusion, and we now have the two remaining teams who will duke it out in the grand finals of the prestigious event for a shot at victory.

The quarterfinals of the major have been full of surprises, to say the least. We had to bid farewell to some of the fan-favorite teams including NaVi, Cloud9, Spirit, and Fnatic as Furia, Mouz, Heroic, and Outsiders proceeded to the semifinals.

Today, the four teams put up their best performances in two nail-biter games and only two teams remain to contest for the crown.

Let’s take a look at the recap of the semifinals of IEM Rio 2022.

IEM Rio 2022 Major Semifinals: Matches & Results

Here are the matches of the Rio Major semifinals with their outcomes listed alongside them:

  • Outsiders vs Mouz: 2-1
  • Heroic vs Furia: 2-1

The two qualifying teams will meet once again for a showdown at the grand finals of IEM Rio 2022. The match is scheduled to take place on November 13, 12 pm CT.

Where To Watch IEM Rio 2022 Major Live 

Fans can catch all the ongoing action live by tuning into the event at the official ESL livestream on Twitch.

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