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How to vote for new Twitch PogChamp emote

Twitch has requested its users to join in the live stream where they will vote in a new PogChamp Twitch emote after over 30 entries are being taken into consideration.

PogChamp has been one of the most iconic emotes of all time and has been synonyms to “hype” ever since it came into fruition. For the entirety of the past month, Twitch let the fans come up with their version of the emote that gave rise to over 30 legitiamte candidates that will be the future of PogChamp, leaving it upto all their users to vote in the new emote.

“After 35 PogChamps in 35 days, The PogChampening is upon us. You decide what the future of hype looks like. Tune in and vote live, February 12 at 12pm PT on http://twitch.tv/twitch.” reads their announcement. Till the voting starts, everyone with an entry is rooting for their own emote to be the new face of PogChamp.

Twitch had the previous PogChamp removed for its creator was accused of encouraging violence across social media. This sparked a backlash in the community and Twitch were on the receiving end of it for removing everyone’s beloved emote. Now that a new PogChamp is getting voted in today, there is something for everyone to rejoice about.

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