How To Transfer FIFA Points from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23


With EA Sports dropping a new FIFA every year, the fans are having trouble transferring FIFA points from the older game to the newer one. Follow this guide to know how!

FIFA points are one of the game’s highly coveted resources, however, the only way to get them is to pay up. Just like VBucks or Valorant Points, FIFA Points are in-game currencies that are used to purchase in-game elements. Since there is a new FIFA game every year, fans are unable to recuperate their investment in the prvious game.

EA has received a lot of backlash for this anomaly, however, their latest version allows you to transfer FIFA points from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23, and here’s how to do it:

The points can be transferred as soon as you log in to FIFA 23 for the first time, after the game launches, be it early release or regular release, but point to be noted that the transfer is only possible within the same family of platforms. A player who previously owned the game on PlayStation will only be able to redeem it if he purchases FIFA 23 for PlayStation and remains the same for PC and Xbox. Once completed, the transfer is nonreversible.

After you have logged into the game bearing in the mind the above-mentioned parameters, make to sure purchase the game on the same account that holds your FIFA 22 data, and log into Ultimate Team.

Once logged in, a prompt will automatically show up, asking if you are interested in a FIFA Points transfer. Once completed, it cannot be reversed.

Make sure to log in with your respective Consoles as this feature is not there in the companion’s app, neither in the mobile suite nor in the web app.