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How To Play Wuthering Waves Multiplayer?

Wuthering Waves, the captivating game that has caught the attention of many, is not just a solitary journey. It offers a multiplayer experience that allows you to explore its vast world with friends. Here’s what you need to know about diving into Wuthering Waves with your fellow adventurers.

Multiplayer Mode: Co-Op, Not Competitive

Wuthering Waves introduces a multiplayer mode that emphasizes cooperation over competition. Unlike games with a PvP (player versus player) focus, Wuthering Waves is designed for players to join forces and share the adventure. This co-op mode fosters a sense of camaraderie as you and your friends can explore the world, take on quests, and battle enemies together.

Joining Forces with Friends

You can form a party with up to three players, including yourself, to venture into the world of Wuthering Waves. To start playing in multiplayer mode, you’ll need to reach Level 22 in the game. This level requirement ensures that players have a grasp of the game mechanics and are ready for the collaborative challenges ahead.

Once you’ve reached the required level, you can invite friends to join your world or enter theirs. Adding friends is straightforward and makes it easier to connect and start playing together.

Exploring and Collecting Together

In co-op mode, players can gather materials, such as Pecok Flowers, from each other’s worlds, and hunt for shiny Phantom Echoes. This shared resource gathering adds another layer of interaction and teamwork to the game.

Limitations in Multiplayer

While multiplayer covers a significant portion of the game, certain areas are currently off-limits for co-op play. The Tower of Adversity and Depths of Illusive Realm are two such areas that are not yet available for multiplayer. However, as the game evolves, these restrictions may change, potentially opening up even more content for players to enjoy together.

Wuthering Waves offers a rich multiplayer experience that allows you to enjoy the game with friends. By working together, you can explore the world, complete quests, and take on challenges that would be difficult to tackle alone. Remember, to access multiplayer, you’ll need to reach Level 22, but once you do, a whole new dimension of gameplay awaits you and your companions. Whether you’re gathering resources or exploring new territories, Wuthering Waves’ co-op mode is sure to enhance your gaming experience.

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