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How to Identify Yoru’s Clone in Valorant

Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 update has brought with it the much-anticipated Yoru rework that has changed the core mechanics of the hero and made it somewhat viable in higher levels of competitive play.

One of the biggest changes to the Japanese Duelist is the new ‘Fakeout’, which sends a carbon-copy of Yoru in a specific direction. When shot at, the clone explodes and blinds all enemies in a cone-shaped area, which makes it a great tool for clearing choke points or taking important objectives across maps.

If you’re playing against a Yoru, this clone can be quite annoying at times. A good Yoru player will often catch you off-guard using his clone and more often than not you’ll find yourself shooting the clone and being immediately flashed by it. This is why you need to learn to identify the real Yoru while being able to differentiate it from the clone.

Here are some ways you can identify the Yoru clone after the Valorant 4.04 update:

  • Yoru’s clone isn’t affected by flashes or concusses, which means you can easily identify the real Yoru by throwing out a flash or concuss and checking whether he’s affected by it or not.
  • Abilities like Skye’s ultimate, Cypher’s ultimate and Sova’s recon will only reveal the real Yoru and won’t affect the clone whatsoever.
  • Reyna can easily identify the real Yoru when in her ult (the real Yoru glows brighter).
  • You can pass through Yoru’s clone, while the real Yoru blocks your player movement.

For a list of tips and tricks you can use to spot the Yoru clone, you can also check out this video.

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