how to get free christmas lootboxes in overwatch

Blizzard is no stranger to running special promotion events around holidays, and with Christmas upon us, Blizzard is here with free Christmas presents for everyone. Starting today, Blizzard will be offering every Overwatch player 5 free loot boxes for free to celebrate the festive season.

Getting these loot boxes is very simple and takes no effort at all, all you need to do is simply log-in to Overwatch on five different days between 25th December and 5th January and you will get a free loot box every day for upto 5 times.

Don’t you just love surprises?

Log in before January 5 to collect five winter-themed loot boxes!

Happy Holidays from the Overwatch team!

How to get Christmas lootboxes in Overwatch

No need to play the game or join a lobby or anything, join log-in and done. You can open these lootboxes on the spot or later after collecting all 5 lootboxes. These lootboxes don’t have an expiry date, so you can open them at a later date with normal lootboxes also.

These lootboxes are special as they are winter-themed and carriers the latest Winter Wonderland event skins. So any player who was and is unable to play the latest Winter Wonderland Event can still hope into the game and claim some Winter Wonderland skin without participating in the Winter Wonderland event.

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