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How to get Booyah easily in Free Fire

As the free fire max global version got announced, the player base seems to be increasing.

This new release will need some help for the people to adjust to the new mechanics introduced.

While adjusting to this difficult task shouldn’t be an issue , many will be needing a gentle guide to get them adopted.

So here are some ways to gauge the skills on increasing order of complexity. The more you get accustomed, the better your experience.

Let’s begin.

  1. Develop a playstyle.

One of the most important things for the Free fire beginners, is to figure their own playstyles. Either take up an aggressive Rush playstyle or the passive Camping playstyle.

Depending on their proficiency and hands-on experience , the players have to make this choice.

Alternatively, people with experience in similar games can opt for the very effective passive-aggressive playstyle which involves rushing and camping.

  • Weapon Recoil Patterns

With multiple Weapons at the disposal of the players , from measly but deadly bows to high range snipers all the weapons have their distinct characteristic and recoil patterns.

Figuring out which weapon suits you the best will be vital in earning a Booyah in free fire.

Beginners just have to focus on aiming and should try and keep their targets in frame while scoping such that seeking and firing becomes easier.

Staying updated on the weapon types and releases help a lot so here is a link to see the next weapon royale !

  • Using Utility in game

Often the in the heat of the moment , one of the most freely available aides i.e the gloo walls and smoke nades are often forgotten. These have shown to drastically improve the chances of players securing a Booyah like we saw in the ESPL 2021. When used correctly , can save the players from the gloo-iest situations. (pun intended)

Proving cover and smoking the spot allows fleeing or setting up counter attacks when under siege. Here are some tips and setup tricks for smoke grenades.

  • Rotation and in match mobility

Knowing when to rotate , why and how makes up the scale on which players advance from being an amateur at the game to becoming a expert player. Even though reaching the next safezone or the marked point is the goal , making sure you reach the destination without compromising your position to the other players , tactfully gives a very good high ground over other players.

Here is a video to give you a basic headstart on how to rotate :

  • Playing in a squad

One of the best ways to play any game is with an experienced squad. Practiced and emulated synergy is a very good way to learn the games and understand complex tactics either through firsthand communication or though mimicking your squadmates. People who play with seasoned players often learn faster, making the game feel more comfortable. Over a course of time this does lead to them earning solo booyahs on their own.

Watch how calculated moves and experience in a squad can increase the quality of gameplay by spectating one of the best pro player Amitbhai in garena.

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The Crew
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