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HLTV and Thunderpick Team Up with New Social Partnership

The renowned esports platform Thunderpick has recently announced a new deal with CS: GO giants HLTV. Formerly known as Half-Life Television, the site is one of the most-visited for trusted information regarding Counter-Strike and the hugely popular esports scene that surrounds the game. For the biggest events, there are hundreds of thousands, or even millions of viewers, who tune in to watch the game. 

It makes perfect sense for the modern crypto casino to connect with CS: GO and to provide them with a trusted gambling option with the sort of modern features most players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are looking for. HLTV is a massive platform with over 2 million subscribers across all its social media and newsletters and has become more than just a website, with its rankings becoming one of the most trusted metrics to put the players in order of their current standings. Even tournament users consider these rankings.

Thunddisplayas have already partnered with HLTV in recent years, and they have offered odds display on many of the Thunderpick markets, but this deal will take the partnership much further, especially when it comes to social, with the huge audience of HLTV being connected to the offerings of the esports gambling giant.

Now, in social posts regarding the CS: GO tournaments, rankings, and other information about this huge world of esports, Thunderpick will appear along with relevant betting information and options for people to back their esports teams and potentially make money while they stream their favorite players.

CS: GO events are hugely popular in esports betting, and Thunderpick has developed a reputation for offering more markets than many competitors and some of the best odds. The company also has many specific promotions when it comes to CS: GO tournaments, with offers including bet combo boosts, first map insurance, and even deposit matching to appeal to new customers.

This new partnership promises to help players to stay on top of the current markets and events, showing millions of HLTV viewers the options they have when it comes to the top matchups and the ways in which they can gamble on the CS: GO tournaments.

HLTV was founded over 20 years ago when Martin Rosenbaek, along with Per Lambaek, set out to host recordings of Counter-Strike 1.6, but there were plenty of opportunities for growth as news from the world of CS: GO would become one of the main sources of content as soon as it was released in 2010. 

Unusually, HLTV has a huge impact on the community beyond just reporting on the game. For example, the site now provides a lot of statistics regarding the players of the esports Global Offensive game, and through their ranking system, they even award medals to players.

HLTV’s MVP (Most Valuable Player) and EVP (Exceptionally Valuable Player) medals are huge badges of honor at many of the CS: GO tournaments.

HLTV has also been used by Global Offensive to feed data regarding the tournaments that have taken place over the years in the history of CS: GO. There’s no denying that HLTV is such a huge figure when it comes to keeping this community going and helping with the popularity of CS: GO in general. 

Now, with the partnership with Thunderpick, they can also provide more specific trusted gambling links to their customers and allow them to get even further involved with some of the tournaments they watch if they wish. 

HLTV’s partnership with Thunderpick makes perfect sense when you consider the histories of both of these companies and the immense coverage of esports that is on offer on Thunderpick’s site. 

Thunderpick has become known as one of the best options for gambling on esports of all varieties including CS: GO. The company launched back in 2017 and offers many different gaming options. As well as being one of the very best companies out there when it comes to esports gambling, they also have several casino games and betting on traditional sports. 

All of this is facilitated by cryptocurrency, and those who are looking for a crypto gambling platform need to look no further than Thunderpick. This can add an extra level of security and anonymity for players as more and more people turn to cryptocurrency for both esports gambling and many other products and services.

Though we don’t know exactly how the partnership will play out in the future, it makes sense for Thunderpick and HLTV to be working together. As well as the social partnership, it is possible we could see specific events and offers as part of this partnership, and those who enjoy CS: GO and are interested in gambling on esports will be keeping their eyes peeled. We will see more when some of 2023’s huge events roll around.

David Wojnicki
David Wojnicki
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