Earlier Team Liquid’s head mentor, Peacemaker trained Liquid amid their history-production second place complete at the ESL One Cologne Major in 2016 yet has bobbed around various groups in the previous year.

The 29-year-old Brazilian has served brief stretches with NRG, Misfits, OpTic Gaming and most as of late TyLoo since leaving Liquid last October.

“Needless to say, I am very happy we have Luis on board the Heroic team as an interim coach,” RFRSH sports director Kasper Hvidt said in a statement. “He brings a lot experience, he is very thorough, enthusiastic and really hardworking and those are skills weā€™re always looking for. I look forward to working with Luis and I know the players do too.”

“Initially itā€™s an interim role, but no matter what, I am always celebrating the best and embracingĀ the worst. This is my and the teamā€™s moment to be Heroic!” –Ā Luis ā€œPeacemakerā€ Tadeu quoted.