From power outages to delays, GXR Valorant India Invitational tarnished by poor feedback

India played host to the Valorant India Invitational at the GMR Area in Hyderabad, concluding with Team Paper Rex clinching the championship. Despite the tournament being the first international event for India, the former never got off to a promising start right from the beginning.

There were multiple issues addressed from Day 1 of the tournament itself with a prolonged delay having marred the start times of several match-ups, lined up as the players were kept waiting for a considerable amount of time.

As reported earlier, in a span of five hours at the venue, only one of the eight games was played on the main stage. It was Rahul “Emi” Hinduja of Global Esports who first reported the discomfort.

This was followed by a tweet from Mr. Gary Ongko, founder of BOOM Esports, who stated that a delay of several hours is never something that looks good. Some games were moved to later in the night, to which Ongko said he wouldn’t let his team play at 2 AM.

Yamyam Villanueva Yui, one of Team Secret’s managers, said the organizers kept delaying the event every 30 mins when asked about the status of the same.

There is indeed more to the above as the seating conditions seemed to have been locally managed as they looked sketchy. It’s really disappointing to see a tournament of such a high caliber meet this kind of fate.

A Twitter thread by writer Kaavya ‘Zahk’ Karthikeyan further shed light on how poorly the entire GXR Valorant India Invitational was managed.

If you take a look at the thread, Karthikeyan made some really good points on the happenings around the GXR event. Despite paying a hefty 6700 INR for a VIP pass, player greet and meets behind a paywall took away the pass holders by storm and surprises.

The only way to meet the players was to ambush them between the arena and the hotel as there were no transport arrangements made for the same.

With a power cut disrupting the event, GXR addressed the issue by putting it on the players that they needed a lunch break while trying to fix the outage.

The power cut was first reported by Óscar “mixwell” Colocho of Team Heretics on Twitter.

Further, as mentioned earlier, the seating arrangement was locally managed with normal plastic chairs and not an A-tier event grade.

After the event concluded, TalkEsport got hold of a Tweet that surfaced allegedly exposing an event person trying to farm fake cheers and claps from the spectators seated.

TalkEsport wasn’t able to verify the above claims made by the people mentioned above. The above article was written to shed light on the feedback received against the concluded GXR Valorant India Invitational 2022.

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