GTA 6 Trailer Might Be Coming This Year, Says Inside

GTA 6 Trailer

Rockstar Games recently made an announcement where they confirmed that work on the next iteration of the popular GTA franchise game has started and is currently in the early stages of production. 

While the release of the game is still years away, rumours and hype about GTA games always attract attention from players and fans alike. Many speculations and assumptions regarding the GTA IP spread like wildfire and run wild as leaks on the internet. 

Recently a new leak is gaining traction among the fans. As per Tez2, a leaker turned insider who is held in some regards by the GTA community to be reliable in the assumption and news that he delivers as to the ongoing of Rockstar games, a GTA VI will be dropping later this year. While Tez2 gave no date or time frame of when the trailer will be released, we expect that Rockstar will be showing a little teaser later this year in The Games Award 2022.  

Why The Games Award 2022? Well for starters Rockstar on its parts has made big game announcements and reveals late in the year and the Games Award is always held late in the year which conveniently ties with Rockstar’s timeline. Also, a trailer coming this year is highly possible as Rockstar has doesn’t go around announcing stuff just to hype up its fanbase and then forget about it. Rockstar Games generally follow up with a reveal trailer just months after the announcement. 

It is also possible that a trailer or teaser will be revealed around the month of May. During the latest earning calls of Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive, it was suggested that there will be more things to share in regards to upcoming releases by May. When the fourth quarter comes around. It is possible that only some information like game title or a teaser is shown in May and the trailer will be shown later in November/December. 

Whatever it may be, it is perhaps best to take such guesses with a grain of salt. It isn’t good to blindly hype for a trailer when the company in question hasn’t made any announcement about a trailer. It is a good practice to temper your expectation and wait for official announcements rather than getting disappointed for no reason.