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GTA 6 Release Reportedly Getting Delayed to 2026

Recent developments have cast a shadow of uncertainty over GTA 6’s arrival timeline, hinting at a possible delay that could see fans waiting until 2026 to get their hands on the game.

A significant factor contributing to the potential delay is the hurdles faced by remote workers. A Kotaku report highlights how the adaptation to remote work has introduced complexities in the development process, potentially affecting the game’s quality and progress.

To mitigate these challenges, Rockstar Games, the developer behind GTA 6, has mandated a return-to-office policy. This decision, as reported by Bloomberg, aims to streamline the development process and ensure the game meets the high-quality standards the studio is known for.

Despite the challenges, the initial expectation was for GTA 6 to grace shelves by 2025. However, the ongoing issues have sparked concerns of a delay, pushing the release to late 2025 or even 2026.

The sudden shift back to in-office work has not been without its controversies. Reports suggest that the abrupt change and the potential for a return to crunch culture practices have raised concerns among Rockstar employees, further complicating the development timeline.

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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