Following the vetoes, the game between BOOT -d[S] and Grayhound commenced on Dust 2, with the Aussies kicking it off on the T-Side. The vetoes are as follows.

  • BOOT-d[S] removed Overpass
  • Grayhound removed Train
  • BOOT-d[S] removed Cache
  • Grayhound removed Mirage
  • BOOT-d[S] removed Nuke
  • Grayhound removed Inferno
  • Dust2 was left over

The pistol and anti-eco went in favour of the Singaporean Squad. However, the Aussies were quick to strike back with four of their own rounds. The rest of the half was neck to neck but the Aussies took it in their favour with a scoreline of 9-6.

Photo via SoStronk

Grayhound continued their domination and picked up the first two rounds of the half till BOOT reacted with putting two of their own on board and Grayhound put another back before BOOT hit the gas and stringed three rounds together. However, Grayhound did not tolerate their dramatics and looked to end the game early and moved to match point. BOOT did not show signs of giving up and pushed the game to 15-13. However, a team kill from bobosaur foiledtheir plans and Grayhound closed the game with a 16-13 scoreline.