Godnixon and Maxtern accuse DopeGotNoChill of abuse, scam and rape threats

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Famous PUBG Mobile content creators Luv ‘GodNixon’ Sharma and Sagar ‘Maxtern’ Thakur have allegedly uncovered the perpetrator behind a big controversy that has been haunting the Indian PUBG Mobile community for the past few days. Maxtern recently uploaded a long explanation video on his YouTube channel explaining the entire matter and has accused Abin ‘Dope’ Jacob as the culprit.

Influential personalities allied with PUBG Mobile Esports in India were recently targeted by an unknown “Hater” who created multiple Instagram accounts to abuse them and spread hate. These hateful acts became more malicious when some people received rape threats from this account holder. The personal information of many esports players were also being leaked on the social media. Many suspected that an insider from the community was behind these acts.

Maxtern and GodNixon posted multiple Instagram stories regarding this matter and accused “DopeGotNoChill” for these heinous deeds. Maxtern stated that he was suspicious of Dope’s behavior and decided to set up a trap alongside GodNixon to confirm their suspicions.

Maxtern was in contact with Dope for the past few months and shared a few personal details when his official Instagram account was spammed with follow requests by bot accounts. Dope claimed to act as a mediator and helped with the case but then Maxtern started noticing similarities between the spammer and Dope.

Maxtern teamed up with Godnixon to uncover this matter and sent the latter’s private number to Dope as a part of this setup. That private number was only provided to Dope and he later confirmed that the “Hater” already possessed this number. This drew strong suspicion for the duo and they declared that Dope was behind all of these hateful crimes. Maxtern also included a small clip and some screenshots in his video which also accuses Dope as an account seller and a scammer.

DopeGotNoChill also made a shocking revelation on his Instagram that he had access to the “Hater’s” account but it was part of his own investigation where he sent phishing links and acquired the access. Dope claims that he is wrongly accused of these acts and he accepted the facts that the Nixon’s private number was shared by him and he had the access of that spam account.

Big organizations have already filed a defamation lawsuit against the “Hater” and other legal actions could be seen in the upcoming days. These hateful acts began due to unavailability of slots for underdog teams in the tournaments and bloated out of proportion in a short period of time.

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