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Global Esports CEO Explains Why the Organization Transferred Monyet to Paper Rex

In a bid to rebuild its roster for the Valorant 2024 season, Global Esports made a few changes to the roster, including transferring its high-performing player Cahya “Monyet” Nugraha to Paper Rex. Global Esports’ CEO, Rushindra Sinha, recently shed light on the organization’s decision to part ways with the talented player Monyet and the intricacies that led to this significant move. Sinha’s detailed explanation offers valuable insights into the thought process behind the decision and the broader goals of Global Esports.

Global Esports CEO Reveals that Transferring Monyet to Paper Rex Was a “Win-Win” Situation For Everyone

In a recent livestream, a viewer asked Global Esports’ CEO Rushindra Sinha why the organization transferred Monyet to Paper Rex. Responding to this, Sinha explained why the organization took the decision. The decision to transfer Monyet to the Valorant Pacific League Franchise team, Paper Rex, was not a decision made in haste or driven by a desire to sever ties with the young talent. Sinha emphasized that it was part of a larger strategy to foster growth, both for Monyet and for Global Esports as an organization.

Sinha clarified that, initially, the plan was to build a team centered around Monyet. “We wanted to build a team around Monyet, but the more we planned around him, the more we realized that it wouldn’t be feasible based on what we had in mind, what the goals and trajectory was for Global Esports,” he said.

Sinha Reveals Global Esports Received Multiple Offers to Buy-Out Monyet

Sinha added that while the organization was rebuilding their Valorant roster, it received multiple offers from different organizations to buy-out Monyet. Among these offers, Paper Rex’s offer stood out. Global Esports’ close relationship with Paper Rex played a significant role in shaping the outcome. “We had this discussion with the guys at Paper Rex to plan what we could potentially do together, and the thing that made the most sense was that they take our most firecracker player and give us the most experience player, their IGL ( in-game leader), so that we can build on experience for our team while they get the fire power that they needed to win and continue doing what they’re doing because they were losing a lot of firepower,” he explained.

The resulting deal, which saw Monyet join Paper Rex, was termed as a “win-win” situation by Sinha. Monyet got the opportunity to play with his existing friends and join a team where he could thrive, while Global Esports acquired an experienced IGL to bolster their team’s experience. He also added that Paper Rex compensated fairly for Monyet’s buy-out.

Sinha added that instead of taking a purely selfish route, the organization chose a path that allowed many individuals, including Monyet, Paper Rex, and their player Benedict “Benkai” Tan, to prosper.

Sinha Vows to Bring Monyet Back to Global Esports

While Monyet’s departure from Global Esports was undoubtedly a significant move, Sinha made it clear that it wasn’t a permanent farewell. He reassured fans and supporters that they had every intention of welcoming Monyet back into the fold in the future. “It might not be next season, it might not be the season after that, but Monyet will return to GE one day,” he said.

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