Gift4Gamers offers gaming products and hardware as gifts for gamers

Gamers Worldwide have a brand new opportunity to win free gaming gifts online this week as website Gift4Gamers launch their next weekly competition. Starting from Monday, October 3rd, 2016, gamers can enter the giveaway to win a fantastic prize, absolutely free. Gift4Gamers have announced which items are available in this month’s big giveaway.

Gift4Gamers launched their last competition over a week ago. They have just announced their most recent ultimate gaming giveaway. The previous week’s prizes include MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4G, Steel Series Rival Mouse, Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset, and etc. Winners are selected and then announced on the website at the end of the week. They will receive a personal email from the organizers, arranging for free delivery of their prize.

Gift4Gamers – October Weekly #1


To be entered into the free draw, gamers have to complete small tasks online. These tasks will promote the site on social media. They are then entered into a random draw to win one of the free gifts on offer. The prizes change each month. So far they have included PlayStation 4, Steel Series Apex M800 Customizable Mechanical Keyboard, Steel Series Rival 100 Mouses, and Steel Series Rival Mouse Pads.

To enter into the competition, gamers need a Facebook and Google account. Simply visit the site’s Homepage and select Giveaway from the drop-down menu or select the Giveaway tab at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, access the site from the Gift4Gamers Facebook page.

Gamers then complete several tasks such as clicking Like on their Facebook page, subscribing to the site’s YouTube channel, and Sharing the site on Facebook. Each task equates to one entry to the draw, so a gamer receives three competition entries by completing all three tasks.

The prizes on offer change each month. Previous winners are free to enter the next competition, and any following competitions if they wish to do so. The draw is completely random and everyone stands an equal chance of being selected as a winner. Each person with one email address may only enter once. Anyone found violating the terms will be disqualified by the site’s organizers.