How to get a free pet in Genshin Impact?

miHoYo is gearing up for the release of update 1.3 that brings various gameplay changes and a brand new character Xiao, Vigilant Yaksha. The update is supposed to go live on February 3rd and starting today players will be able to pre-install the update on both Mobile and PC platforms.

miHoYo made an announcement on Twitter with further instructions and the exact timing on which the pre-load will be available for each platform. miHoYo promises players that pre-load the update instant access to update on Feb 3rd right after the maintenance concludes.

“Dear Travelers,

The pre-installation function for the Version 1.3 update will be available for open testing on both mobile and PC platforms.”

miHoYo hasn’t mentioned the exact size of the pre-load, but the developer has asked players “….to make sure you have a good network connection before beginning pre-installation.” According to the blogpost, for players on the PC platform, a new update for the Genshin Impact launcher will be available after which the launcher will present players with a “Game Pre-Installation” option on the left of the “Launch” button. Players will still be able to play the game while the pre-install is happening, but it might impact performance a little bit. 

As for players on the Mobile platform, they will be unable to play the game while pre-installing the update. It’s recommended by the developers that “Travelers complete any Domains or other challenges they wish to finish first before beginning the pre-installation process.” After the pre-installation process is completed, players can log-in back to the game and continue playing until update 1.3 goes live on Feb 3rd. 

For mobile users interested in pre-installing the update, all you have to do is go to the “Paimon Menu,” then to your settings, and select “Other,” now navigate the menu until you find the button that says “Pre-Install Resource Package” and tap on it to begin the process. 

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