Rainbow Six Quarantine gets renamed to Rainbow Six Extraction

rainbow six extraction

Announced during E3 2019 as Rainbow Six: Quarantine, this co-op-based shooter went through multiple delays despite initially eyeing 2020 as its launch year. Rainbow Six: Quarantine was titled “Parasite” internally while it was being playtested. 

Today, Ubisoft Montréal revealed the PvE shooter’s final title – Rainbow Six: Extraction in a two-minute title reveal trailer, and given the recent pandemic, changing the name felt appropriate for the devs.

Based on Rainbow Six: Siege’s limited-time Outbreak event, Rainbow Six: Extraction is a tactical co-op game where a squad of upto three players will have to team up to fight alien parasites that have taken over their human hosts. 

Watch out for Ubisoft Forward on June 12, 12:00 PM PDT for more details about Rainbow Six: Extraction. 

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