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How to skip GTA Online cooldown for Dax missions & get Acid Lab to upgrade fast

Players of Grand Theft Auto Online have figured out how to bypass the game’s intended cooldown for Dax missions, allowing them to unlock the Acid Lab upgrade much sooner. The crucial information is listed below.

The long-awaited winter update for Grand Theft Auto V, known as the Los Santos Drug Wars, was finally released at the end of December by Rockstar Games.

The new update has introduced some new missions, though it isn’t nearly as substantial as the Cayo Perico heist or even Arena Wars. Joining forces with Dax and The Troupe will help you become the new drug kingpins of Los Santos.

The new jobs can be categorized as either The First Dose or Dax missions, with the former being more narrative-focused. The Troupe needs your assistance as they relocate from Sandy Shores to Los Santos.

By completing these tasks, you will gain access to the Acid Lab business, which is another operation that generates passive income in a manner analogous to the Forged Documents factory or the Counterfeit Money factory.

At one point in the First Dose missions, you will receive the Brickade 66 you need to build the Acid Lab, but only after you have upgraded it will the business be profitable. Dax missions are required to accomplish this.

There’s a catch, though: you need to finish 10 before you can get the upgrade, and each task has a 48-minute cooldown in between. However, GTAMen discovered that the LS Car Meet provides a means of skipping this waiting period.

To earn the GTA Online Acid Lab, a Brickade 6×6 truck configured as a mobile drug lab, you must complete six First Dose missions in order, followed by a free roam mission to steal the ingredients you need to start your drug company.

This is the main element of the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars update, and beating the First Dose story missions with the Fooliganz unlocks the Acid Lab for your car fleet. However, GTA Online requires additional work to launch your mobile drugs business. We explain how to get GTA Online’s Acid Lab.

To install the GTA Online Acid Lab equipment, speak to Mutt near the truck and spend GTA$750,000, which is free if you subscribe to GTA+. When you set up the lab, you’ll acquire the Manchez Scout C motorbike and Brickade 6×6 for product sales missions.

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