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Dream admits to cheating during Minecraft speedruns

The famous YouTuber and Streamer, Dream recently responded to the December 2020 speed run controversy in Minecraft. He admitted to the cheating while trying to make the fastest speed run record. The world-famous streamer confessed that he had increased drop rates enabled during these speed runs.

Last year, Dream was accused of cheating on one of his Minecraft speedruns. This led to an investigation into the situation by the Speedrun.com. As a result, his fifth-place run got rejected by the Speedrun.com moderators.

This caused controversy between Dream, third parties, and moderators after Dream actively argued against the results of the investigation. Nearly after five months, the Minecraft player admitted his mistake apologized for dragging the speedrun website’s moderators “through the mud.”


He wrote, I feel like this is something important to talk about, I’ve been very withheld for a while about it all and just decided it’d probably be best to just let it out so I can feel relaxed a little more I guess. This will be a very long read i’m sure, I’m writing this in my bath at 4am on my phone so forgive any mistakes or confusing bits.

“When the drama first started I cared more about defending myself and being right, than about figuring out what was actually going on and I shot myself in the foot by doing it. I felt really terrible for the mods because I dragged them through the mud even though they were mostly right.”

According to Dream, he had no idea that increasing drop rate would be called for cheating as increasing the drop rate through plugins makes this process quicker. He did not know this was happening during the speed runs. While going for his Minecraft Manhunt series he increased drop rate and didn’t realize they were also enabled for his speed runs.

At last he said,” I hope that this gives insight into my mindset a little bit, but if not I’m not sure what will. I’m sure I’ll talk about it more just for clarity sake, but I want to avoid causing more drama. please don’t send any hate to the mod team or anyone involved in the situation, I don’t want any more drama at all, you’re no supporter of mine if you do.”

Dream wrote a 2000 words clarification which you can read it here.

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