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Cyberpunk 2077 1.3 Patch notes – minimap fixes, support for free DLCS and more

Patch 1.2 for Cyberpunk 2077 – the game’s second major update, introduced a huge list of changes such as increased NCPD spawn radius, Ray Tracing for AMD GPUs, and the ability to cancel fall damage while sliding was no longer possible. While Patch 1.2 boasted over 100+ fixes, Cyberpunk 2077 still felt a little rough around the edges and lacked proper QoL fixes.

Patch 1.3 addresses one of the game’s biggest issues: the minimap, which will now zoom out while driving so that players can navigate around turns easily. This basic feature, present in most open-world titles, was heavily requested since the game’s launch and frustrated PC players resorted to fanmade mods to implement a dynamic minimap.

Players can now reset their perks by spending Eddies (Eurodollars) in the game’s skill progression menu, surely a welcome quality of life change as players can now change their playstyles without starting a new playthrough.

The new update adds three new DLCs to the game along with a new “Additional Content” option in the game’s main menu.

List of free DLCs in Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.3

  • Johnny Silverhand’s Alternative Appearance – can be enabled in Settings in the “Additional Content” tab. 
  • Multilayered Syn-Leather Deltajock Jacket, Luminescent Punk Jacket – both available in the stash in V’s apartment after receiving a message from Viktor after completing The Ride. They’re of Rare/Iconic quality by default, Crafting Specs to craft a higher quality will also be unlocked. 
  • Archer Quartz “Bandit” – available as a reward or for purchase (depending on choices made by player) after completing Ghost Town and then receiving a message from Dakota or Rogue. If you haven’t received the message, make sure to be in the Badlands area and move further away from Dakota’s workshop. Dakota will also need a couple of days to contact you.

Read the entire list of fixes and changes here.

Cyberpunk 2077 is out for PC, Stadia, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One with next-gen versions set to release sometime in 2022.

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