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Bill Clinton and Elden Ring Connection Explained

For those of you who have missed the Game Award, it might be surprising for you to see former US president Bill Clinton become one of the trending topics along with the Game Award Winner Elden Ring. What caused two completely different things to be trending together, read more to find out.

The Game Award 2022 concluded in the perfect fashion. All the fan favourites were able to come out on top and everything went just as anticipated. Although the Game Award had nothing to do with the 42nd US President, somehow the two were able to be entangled. So, what exactly happened there?

When Elden Ring was crowned the “Game of the Year”, fans were overjoyed. Director Hidetaka Miyazak was called onto the stage to share a few words with the audience and following its conclusion something bizarre happened.

As soon as the director concluded his speech, thanking his team and the fans who made the game what it is today, a young man appeared on the stage. Needless to say that the man was an intruder who pretended to be hailing from FromSoftware and gave a bizarre speech where he nominated “reformed Orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton” for the award.

Later it was announced that the man has been has been arrested but by the time the incident went viral and Twitter was flooded with memes. It took no time for the incident to garner the interest of media houses and the incident went viral.

The identity of the man is undisclosed as of now and so have all the details pertaining to the incident. Needless to say, this has led many to believe Bill Clinton’s direct involvement in the matter but nothing indicating a relation between the former president and the intruder has surfaced.

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