Best PlayStation Cyber Monday deals 2022

The highly coveted PlayStation 5 has eluded fans for far too long but Sony has made sure to stock up right ahead of the holiday season and brings Cyber Monday deals to complement their latest and greatest gaming console.

The PlayStation 5 will have a plethora of deals in both online and offline areas so that fans can save plenty on some of the hottest titles that are in demand. The holiday season sales rack up a huge amount for Sony and the developers so do not be surprised to see some of the recent hits make the list. It is important that said gamers looking to pick up games at a cheaper price keep tabs on the relevant stores.

PS5 console Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals:

It will be pretty safe to assume that games for the PlayStation 4 will be subjected to high discount rates given the console itself will be antiquated in some time. The ideal thing to do would be to grab a PlayStation 5 as soon as Sony announce restocking.

Just like the PlayStation 4, the PS5 will be a long-term solution to your gaming needs and the new games coming out starting this year would be far too demanding for the PlayStation 4 rendering it unusable in the coming days unless old games suffice your needs. Do note that the backward compatibility feature allow all PlayStation 4 games so making a PS5 purchase at this point extremely viable.

The increase in the demand of the PlayStation 5 has seen its prices shot up across the world so the holiday season would be ideal to grab one as Sony are likely to offer discounts for the same. Cyber Monday and Black Froday may see two of the most popular consoles get listed with heavy discounts but the increased MRP has been a deal breaker for many.

Along with the console and games, accessories like the dual shock controller will be listed at discounted rates as well. This presents a great opportunity for everyone looking to get a new console or games or accessories at the same time.

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